Man Cuts Off Wife’s Hand In Abia

It has been reported that a man in Abia State identified as Jacob Nwachukwu cut off his wife’s left hand over an allegation of infidelity.

The victim, Nwadiokeonu Nwachukwu, is said to be currently receiving treatment at a local hospital in Aba, while her severed hand had been taken to her husband’s village at Abala for burial.


According to a female co-tenant of Mrs. Nwachukwu, the couple had lived in the city for years before the husband relocated to the village because he lost his job. The wife remained in the city to handle her trading business.

She told Southern City News, “the couple had always quarrelled any time the man visited his wife in the city, to the extent that all the tenants are aware and intervened in their quarrels.

The husband is said to have cut off the wife’s hand during a quarrel and left with it to the village.

His intention was said to kill his wife but her hand got cut while trying to defend herself with it.

The woman’s suspected lover is said to be on the run.

The case is said to have been reported to police.

The police are yet to make any arrest.



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