Meet The Girl Who Sneezes 8,000 Times A Day


A desperate mother is pleading for help for her 9 year-old daughter who has started sneezing 8,000 times a day.

Ira Saxena who lives in Colchester, Essex in England is said to have started sneezing three weeks ago and the frequency of the sneezing has been so bad that it has forced her to stop going to school as the only time Ira stops sneezing is when she is asleep.

Her parents have been to doctors, specialists and even a hypnotherapist to know the cause, but no one has been able to diagnose her condition.

Her mum, Priya, said, “We have tried everything, anti-histamines, oral and nasal sprays, we have tried steroids, she is on antibiotics, penicillin, then we have just tried homeopathic medicine. 

“She has just had hypnotherapy, her teacher gave her hypnotherapy as she is qualified. 

“And in that session, which was an hour long she didn’t sneeze, which makes us think it is something to do with the brain.

“This is robbing her of her life. 

“It is so frustrating as she is being so brave.”

Her family have even timed the sneezes on their phones to work out the frequency. They calculated Ira does it up to 8,000 times a day.



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