Men: 5 Cool Ways To Rock Your White Denim Jeans

INFORMATION NIGERIA hereby bring you 5 ways to rock your white denim. Slay on men!

1. The Casual White Pant and T-Shirt Look

2. The Triple Double (Two dudes, double breasted blazers and double monks)

With a few notable exceptions, two is always better than one, right? This more formal look sees white pants paired up with double monk strap shoes and a double breasted blazer.

3. The Half Tuck Denim Shirt & White Combo

Denim lovers: you don’t have to totally relinquish your favourite fabric if you’re wearing white pants. The casual-but-considered look of this half tuck denim shirt getup is killer.

4. White & Bright Colour
Match your white pants with something bright, patterned, or otherwise eye-catching. Play up the contrast between the colours.

5. The Rolled Cuff

The rolled cuff is the ultimate way to dress up a less formal outfit

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