Mrs Buhari Solicits Support For Female Entrepreneurs


In an effort to push women towards economic productivity and independence in Nigeria, the Wife of the President, Mrs Aisha Buhari is seeking support for female entrepreneurs, saying they should have their place in nation development.

Mrs Buhari at the Women in Export Forum and Exhibition, organized by the Nigerian Export Promotion Council in collaboration with the International Trade Centre, made this comment however, warning that they should at the same time be mindful of their homes.

At the event, Nigeria was formally integrated into the International Trade Centre, a trade initiative, which aims to get one million women globally involved in international business by 2020.

The initiative is geared towards tackling the challenges faced by women in export, including funding, capital and land acquisition, cultural beliefs, gender imbalance and lack of support from men.

Nigeria is targeting the involvement of 100, 000 women in the initiative and most of the participants are hoping that the right support will come for the target to be attained.


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