Senate Must Probe Melaye’s Attack On Tinubu – Lagos Central Leaders

Tinubu-MelayeAs reactions continue to trail the reported verbal assault of Senator Oluremi Tinubu, leaders of the Lagos Central Senatorial District, who Mrs. Tinubu represent in the Senate, have called for an investigation into the motives behind the attacks on her.

Senator ‎Dino Melaye (APC/Kogi West) was alleged to have verbally assaulted Mrs. Tinubu, a former first lady of Lagos State, during an executive session of the Senate on Tuesday.

Although he denied raining invectives on her, several senators confirmed that Melaye used unprintable words on his female colleague and threatened to beat her up had he not been restrained by other senators.

Reacting to the show of shame from Senator Melaye, the leaders in a statement on Wednesday signed by ‎the APC chairman of Lagos Central Senatorial District, Chief Tajudeen, vice chairman, Mr Fouad Oki, and acting secretary, Hakeem Bamgbola, condemned the attack on Mrs. Tinubu.

According to them, the development betrayed what was expected from an occupant of a seat in the Senate.

“We consider Senator Dino’s behaviour as unbecoming of the exalted office he holds and want to remind him that he cannot muscle a colleague and a ranking senator for that matter”, the statement. 

“The right of every senator is guaranteed and Dino cannot seek to circumscribe it. The founding fathers of our democracy left behind a tradition of discipline, decorum and selfless patriotism. We hope the 8th Senate will uphold this tradition. 

“We stand behind Senator Oluremi Tinubu and firmly support her activities in the Senate. We salute her courage and consistent defence of democratic principles and the rule of law.

“Senator Oluremi Tinubu, a ranking Senator has a tradition of speaking truth to power and never one to be cowed. Lagos State regards Senator Dino’s attack as an affront on Lagosians and its political leadership”, the statement said.



  1. It is better that d matter is investigated so dat Remi Tinubu can explain why she can degrade & cal any senator names without being challenged.She has just stepped on the toes of her match while she is so carried away by being the wife of the most corrupt party leader.He has reminded her of being in d senate chamber & not in their corrupt residential area where people like dis elders worship dem as god.Dino mite have done the wrong thing but not entirely bcos they used him to insult d former govt & now the are paying for it so why d noise abeg,lets face better issues cos there is hunger in d land.They should kill themselves if they wish

  2. That woman is over ambitious and does not respect any man. When was the last time she cook for her husband. She is very good insulting people. The husband is not even matured enough bcus she control him otherwise I expected bola to call Dino and ask what transpired other than treating. Other senators are there presently not only both of them. When the matter arises what did other members do? Rather they are busy saying she has seen her match. Dino is older than her according to yoruba culture that respect elder beside she is just a woman. She insulted fashola and called him coward many times when he was seating as gov lagos state. Many more