Taylor Swift Is The Forbes Highest Earning Celebrity Of 2016

Taylor swift
Taylor swift

Slander her music all you like but Taylor Swift is the highest earning celebrity in 2016 according to Forbes Magazine. According to Forbes, Swift, who recently broke up with Calvin Harris has raked in a whooping $170 million in the past year thanks to the massive success of her ‘1989’ World Tour.

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Second on the list of big money celebs are ‘One Direction’ (I honestly didn’t know these guys were still around) but their ‘On The Road Again’ tour towards the end of 2016 earned them $110 million. Guys, can’t we come together and form a boyband?

Believe it or not, James Patterson raked in $95 million! I thought y’all said writing isn’t profitable?

Cristiano Ronaldo who recently led his team to Euro 2016 glory completed the top four with $88 million in the past year.



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