This Is the Secret To Actress Funke Adesiyan Remarkable Cleavage


Most celebrities who are known for their breasts are known for their large size, or surgical enhancements. While many have had boob jobs, others have relied on supportive bras to push up, or padded bras to enhance their feature.

One personality that falls in that category is Yoruba actress, Funke Adesiyan.

Funke Adesiyan and friends at the club recently.

As you read, the actress is the most recent celebrity to be attacked on her deceptive appearance.

The actress, who has grown her social media profile through her strong s*x appeal tactics has suddenly lost her gigantic bosom overnight as seen in the comparison photo below.


However, some of her loyal fans have come to her defense saying, the actress recently shed some weight which automatically affected the size of her mammary glands.

Others believe the star had always padded her boobs in the past to make them look bigger than they really are.

What do you think?

There is no doubt that the actress is blessed with gigantic b*obs but it’s not as big as what she wants us to believe.

Still in doubt?




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