Today in Nigerian/African History: 15th July


On this day in 1960;United Nations (UN) troops arrived to help deal with the political crisis following Moïse-Kapenda Tshombé’s declaration of independence for Katanga province in Congo.

The intervention by United Nations troops followed Patrice Lumumba’s request for assistance from African countries and the United Nations. The secession of Katanga fuelled the province of South Kasai to declare independence on 8 August 1960, calling itself the Federal State of South Kasai, with Joseph Ngalula as head of parliament.

Also on this day in 1998; Nigeria’s military government ordered the immediate release of at least 400 people imprisoned under the late military ruler Gen. Sani Abacha.
Also on this day in 1994; Tens of thousands of Hutus flee the Tutsi-led rebel advance in Rwanda, flooding across the border into Zaire in one of the greatest human flights in history.Â

Equally on this day in 1992;At the request of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), the Security Council conveneed on 15 to 16 July to examine the issue of violence in South Africa and take appropriate action to end it.

Forty-eight Member States as well as ANC President Nelson Mandela, PAC President Clarence Makwetu and South Africa Foreign Minister Roelof “Pik” Botha make statements.

The Council also heard nine representatives from other political parties who speak in their personal capacity.

And on this day in 2015;Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State in Nigeria  cautioned gays to stay away from the state, warning that his administration would not spare anyone caught practising homosexuality in the state.

The governor gave the warning when he hosted the Prelate of the Anglican Communion of Nigeria, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, in Makurdi, the state capital.


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