Today in Nigerian/African History: 31st July

On this day in 2004; The Nigerian state of Kano resumed polio vaccination after an eleven-month ban.

Also on this day in 1969; Albertina Sisulu, the wife of Walter Sisulu who was serving a life sentence Robben Island had her ban order renewed for another five years after the expiry of a previous one.

Reasons for the renewal of the banning order were based on a mixture of fact and lies by the police.

Equally on this day in 2004; All of the political factions from Ivory Coast signed a new peace accord in Accra at the close of a two-day summit headed by thirteen African heads of state and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.
That was actually the third Ivorian summit in the Ghanaian capital, following several other unsuccessful summits in various parts of the world.
And on this day in 1965; Pres. Kwame Nkrumah opened the television service in Ghana.Â




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