Turkey Asks Nigeria To Close Schools Linked To Coup Sponsor


The fallout from the attempted coup in Turkey seems to be far from over. Turkish authorities have said that the coup was influenced and sponsored by controversial cleric, Fethullah Gulen who is based in America.

A nationwide purge and a request to the US to extradite Gulen have followed the attempted coup but Turkey is not done just yet.

The Turkish ambassador, Hakan Cakil has now sent a letter to Nigeria formally requesting that 17 educational institutions linked to Gulen be closed.

An excerpt of the letter reportedly reads,

We have formally and verbally made our demand to the Nigerian government through the Foreign Affairs Minister.

 All the schools in Nigeria belong to the Gulen movement and not the Turkish government. They are using the schools to recruit followers for terrorism. This is threatening the peace in our country as they are using funds they are generating in Nigeria for terrorism.” 

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