We Will No Longer Tolerate The Constant Killings Of Christians – CAN


Following the gruesome attack of a 42 year old mother of seven children, Mrs. Eunice Elisha, on Saturday 9th July, 2016 in Kubwa area of Abuja, FCT,  where she was on a Christian evangelism, the National leadership and the entire members of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) have released a statement.

INFORMATION NIGERIA brings you 5 things to note from it.

1.Christians should defend themseelves;

The unprovoked attacks on Christians and the authority’s inaction is becoming unbearable and may not be tolerated anymore, inasmuch as we will continue to call on Christians to remain tolerant and law abiding, it is becoming inevitable to also call on them to buckle up and be ready to defend themselves against these incessant unprovoked and mindless attacks.

2.Government’s inaction makes it worse

The recurring decimal of violence and murder of innocent Nigerian citizens on the basis of religious intolerance demands specific and relevant response from all concerned citizens in the country more so when the government in power seems to have adopted an attitude of lukewarm response to the evils being perpetrated in Nigeria in the name of religion.


3.Nigeria is dancing to destruction

With these happenings and the lukewarm attitude by the authorities concern toward putting an end to it, Nigeria is dancing a macabre dance of death, both for the nation and for its citizens. It is time to stop the beat and let common sense guide the nation out of the present quagmire. A stitch in time saves nine.

4.Christians may lose confidence

“Before the situation escalates into an unmanageable national crisis, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is calling on the authorities both at the states and federal to do everything possible to bring the perpetrators to justice if the confidence of Christians on this government must be maintained.”

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