“We Will Surmount Our Energy Problems” – President Buhari

As Nigerians have continued to lament the epileptic power supply being experienced in most parts of the country, president Muhammadu Buhari has assured Nigerians to be patient that his government has mapped out a plan. INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together the two things he said about power.

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“Let me assure you that we will surmount the challenge of power supply. We have mapped out a mix of electric power generation sources inclusive of thermal, solar, hydro, nuclear, coal and windmill.

“The idea is to adapt and embed these sources to areas that they are easily adaptable to. But more than that, we will reinvigorate and conclude the power sector privatization process and thereby ensure the whole value chain in the sector is populated by the private sector.”

Despite being Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria has struggled for years to ensure stable electricity supply for its estimated 170 million citizens. The Buhari administration came to power on the back of promises to revitalize the energy sector and has found itself beset by problems of militants damaging oil facilities.


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