2 Cameroonian Nationals Caught With Two-Week-Old Baby In Cross-River


The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) in Cross River State have apprehended a Cameroonian couple Mr. Kamsol Ayang, 44, and wife, Theresa Asamoa, 46, for allegedly being in the custody a two-week old baby.

The State Comptroller of NIS, Mrs. Funke Adeuyi, disclose this while speaking with journalists in Calabar while parading the suspects.

She said the coupled claimed to have been married for 15 years and came to Nigeria to get herbal drugs that would make the wife pregnant.

“The baby looked so weak and pale, as if he had not tasted breast milk. Neither the baby’s eyes nor body was moving, a situation that sparked suspicion.

“After searching their travel documents, we found out that their surnames did not tally although they claimed to have been married for 15 years.

“This gave room for suspicion. Our officers at the control post had to refer them to the state command for second line investigation and profiling,” she said.

“We equally realized that the baby in question was not active for the whole period of the interrogation and this made our second line investigation very powerful.

“After further investigation, she told us that she was given herbal drugs that would make her pregnant, Adeuyi said, the woman also claimed to have delivered and that the baby was given to her at the herbal medical clinic somewhere in South-West Nigeria.”

While responding to the allegations, the wife, Theresa insisted that the baby was hers and that it was a culture in Cameroon for a nursing mother to drink traditional medicine for some time before feeding the new born baby with breast milk.

“Someone in Cameroon introduced me to an herbal home here in Nigeria. I went there and was given herbal medicine for pregnancy. After nine months, I was pregnant and I came back to Nigeria for delivery. This is my baby,” she said.

Meanwhile the baby has been handed over to the officials of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other Related Matters, NAPTIP, in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

An official of NAPTIP who received the baby commended the NIS for a thorough job and the steady patrol team, which they maintain in the border areas of Cross River State.