2 Children Kidnapped In Lagos By Suspected Militants


On Tuesday night, two children were kidnapped by gunmen suspected to be militants in the Igando area of Lagos State.

The children were said to be aged six and eight.

They were kidnapped by the gunmen while they were playing with their mates at their residence at Oje Olorunfemi street.

A security guard in the area who gave his name as Oseni said: ”We did not hear of any ransom. The thing is that the parents are keeping the whole matter under wrap for their own safety because we are not even sure if it was an organised crime for just kidnapping children. I have been a gateman here for six years now and I have never witnessed any kidnap here.

“This is the first and I hope we never get a repeat. I think the kidnapper took those children through the adjoining gate on the street because if he had taken them through the main street, people would have raised an alarm. Problem is none of us really knows this barber since he just moved into the street not long ago. I know the woman more. She hawks corn in the area.

A barber was said to have been arrested by policemen in Igando in connection with the gunmen.


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