7 Take Aways From The August Edition Of The Progressive Governors Forum


The August edition of the Progressive Governor’s forum which was held at the State House,Kaduna yesterday might have come and gone. The Governors however highlighted some points which they said are important in the realization of a stable Nigeria.

We want this administration to  focus on investment in People and Infrastructure.

We also have to  diversify our  our economy as we can not continue depending on crude oil again because of recent happenings at the international market.

We must uphold the rule of law to support businesses & protect rights & civil liberty

We cannot afford to  discriminate.We must engage everybody, especially Women & Youth.

As a nation, we need to un-bundle the economic potentials of each state.

We have to focusing on people friendly policies that would ensure that citizens feel a sense of inclusion.

States Must Explore Comparative Advantages And Multiple Revenue Streams