90-Metre Cigar Used To Mark Fidel Castro’s 90th Birthday

Jose Castelar Cairo, known as "Cueto" (R), presents to the public the world"s longest cigar in Havana, Cuba, 12 August 2016.

A veteran Cuban cigar-maker rolled what is believed to be the world’s longest cigar to mark the 90th birthday of Fidel Castro.

Jose Castelar dedicated his work to Legendary Cuban leader, Fidel Castro.

The masterpiece named ”Cueto” is 90m long and it took 10 days to create with the help of several assistants.

It was presented on long tables in an old colonial fort overlooking the harbour of Havana

Dozens of workers help Cuban cigar roller Jose "Cueto" Castelar, not pictured, hand roll a 90-meter cigar, in Havana, Cuba, Friday, Aug. 12, 2016

The world"s longest cigar rolled up by Cuban Jose Castelar Cairo, known as "Cueto", is measured in Havana, Cuba, 12 August 2016



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