(Advice Needed) I Want to Stay with My Wife, but I Can’t Shake My Mistress. Please Help

Dear Tee

I have been with my wife for 13 years, and we have been married almost two years as of June. However, I have been cheating on her with someone else.

I lie and say I have to work, but I am spending time with the other woman. I spend time with her when I get off work and when my wife works weekends.

Now, my wife knows about her because my wife looked her up and found us together at a bar. Since then, my wife changed her number, and she also changed my number, so the other woman couldn’t call. But the other woman still got a hold of my new number, and we are still in touch.

My dad cheated on my mom, and he always told me that you should always have a wife and mistress. I love my wife, but I have feelings for the other girl. I do not know what to. I need some help.  I’m trying to leave the other one alone, but it’s hard.

How can I make my wife understand that I only want her?

Help me please,

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