Associating Jonathan With Avengers “Extremely Unreasonable”, Ex-President’s Kinsmen Say

Goodluck JonathanYouths from Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State where former President Goodluck Jonathan hails from, Saturday, warned against associating the former president with the activities of the notorious militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA).

The Reformed Niger Delta Avengers, RNDA, had last weekend claimed that Jonathan, alongside some other prominent politicians from the South-south, were sponsoring the NDA, a claim the former president and his co-accused, denied in separate statements.

Rising from their meeting in Ogbia, the youth wing of the famous Ogbia Brotherhood defended Jonathan saying it was unthinkable that he would contemplate violence against anybody especially against Nigeria, a country it said the former president loves so much.

The National President, Ogbia Brotherhood Youth Wing (OBYW), Dr. Laguo Gilbert, insisted that Jonathan has no avenging traits, describing him as a man of peace and father of modern democracy in Africa.

Gilbert said: “History has it that even from his youth, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has been a humble peace-lover who values good and quality education. This is why with such great thoughts he was able to grow to this current political position not minding his background.

“Moreover, Dr. Jonathan’s political activities from deputy governor to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria were in line with his true thoughts and characters which anchor on of peace, integrity and drive for quality education. Truly, this has been demonstrated in last 2015 general election”.

The OBYW president further said it was senseless and stupid to think that Jonathan, who saved Nigeria from bloodshed by willingly handing over to the opposition after he lost the 2015 presidential election, would think of sponsoring a violent group against the same country.

“This is why, the Ogbia Brotherhood youths wonder why detractors and enemies of progress would at this time come up with falsehood to intentionally deceive the public and discredit the former president”, he said.

Gilbert said while in various offices as a political leader, Jonathan recorded tremendous contributions towards nations building, and has remained consistent in that position as a former president.

He said: “Therefore, it is totally unreasonable for any group to intentionally drag this famous name to the mud. We the Ogbia Brotherhood Youths have discovered that the recent publication is not just senseless and baseless but also lacks merit and extremely unreasonable. It does not reflects the true character of Dr. Jonathan.

“We the Ogbia people are equally affected negatively by the activities of the militant groups in the Niger Delta just as every other Nigerian. We have been on the same page with other good Nigerians to finding lasting solutions to resolve this menace. Therefore, will not allow unreasonable utterances against the name of Dr. Jonathan.

“The Ogbia Brotherhood youths and the entire good people of Ogbia Kingdom condemn and reject these good-for nothing-elements and their wicked attitude. We warn that this must stop. Time for elections are far gone and what is required now is reasonable contribution towards moving Nigeria forward.

“We appeal to the general public to continually disregard these disgruntled elements capable of inciting negative impacts in society as their view remains senseless and selfish.

“Ogbia is known for peace and will at all-time demonstrate peaceful coexistence. We encourage all well-meaning Nigerians to join hands with the government in making a better Nigeria”.


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