Duncan Mighty Rescues Accident Victim In Delta


An unidentified driver will never forget Sunday 31 July 2016, the day when his car was crushed under a large commercial truck. Fortunately, he came out alive and unscathed. Among the good Samaritans who came to rescue the victim after the crash was singer Duncan Mighty.

Duncan Mighty who was on his way to Harrysong’s “One Delta Peace Concert” was part of the first persons on the scene and he assisted the victim alongside other persons.

Duncan Mighty wrote:
“Who said there’s no God .. Just now as am heading to ASABA with my crew I watched this man ran under a moving trailer with a high speed, so I packed and rushed down to assist him and he’s alive and safe while his car was totally destroyed .. God I thank u for saving his life … Make una join me thank God because non of u will die untimely inJESUS NAME AMEN.”



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