Flight Delayed By Crew Members Arguing Over Water Bottles

easyJet captain explains the delay to passengers

A UK flight from London to Belfast was due to take off around 3pm when a row between crew members broke out.

It’s understood the disagreement centred around the packing away of water bottles.

An easyJet spokesman said: “EasyJet can confirm that flight EZY835 from London Gatwick to Belfast returned to stand to replace two crew members following a verbal disagreement between them.

“The safety and welfare of our passengers and crew is easyJet’s highest priority and in order to deliver this easyJet’s cabin crew need to be able to work as a team.

“We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the resulting delay.”

On the plane was a broadcaster Dan Lobb, who posted live updates of the unfolding drama on Twitter.

This is a first. My easyJet flight has returned to gate because the cabin crew have had a tiff! one crew member being offloaded.

He continued: “The easyJet captain is explaining why we’re being delayed! This is unreal. Two crew members being offloaded!!

Please be patient with us” says the captain. Water being offered. Suggests those at the back should come to the front where it’s cooler…

“Loads of kids on this flight, a few babies – what a ridiculous situation. Captain doing his best but everyone is agog.”

He continued: “Replacement easyJet crew are on their way! Ones called Katie Hopkins & the other Piers Morgan. I think they’ll get on just fine…

“One hour after departure time & 2 new @easyJet crew members are on board! Doors being closed…again. Wonder if easyJet will respond…?

“Right, one of the original crew is doing a safety briefing. Time to change mode. I hope we’ve all learned something here today.”


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