Gospel singer, Benita Okojie Looks gorgeous in new photos

Gospel singer, Benita Okojie, looks pretty in new photos she shared online.


Just recently, the singer counseled spinsters on being patient when family members pressure them into marriage.

In her words, “Don’t sell your self short just because of a ring and change in Status! There’s a blessing in Waiting. Waiting for God’s Time.”


“The pressure is real and so many people who married because of pressure will tell you that you shouldn’t make that decision just because there’s pressure to.”

The “Osemudiamen” singer further advised her audience to trust only in God saying; “Don’t sit at home. Meet people, Share your values, Interests and faith as you prayerfully trust God to bring you the Mr Right.”


“The greatest tragedy in life is to marry someone else’s Rib because your destinies are intertwined. May You find your own Rib!”

We say amen to that.


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