Man Gets Fined For Recording Bear Chase

A man from Montana, USA, was issued a $400 fine after posting a video on social media showing him using his pickup truck to chase a grizzly bear.

Lawrence Kennedy was charged with a violation of the Endangered Species Act after a video he posted to Facebook showed him driving his pickup truck on March 19 and chasing a grizzly bear.

Kennedy initially pleaded not guilty to the charge, arguing he was merely trying to keep the grizzly bear away from a nearby herd of cattle. He said the chase never exceeded 10 mph.

Kennedy said he posted the video of the chase, which he said lasted for about 90 seconds, to warn other residents about a bear in the area.

Kennedy struck a plea agreement with federal prosecutors July 5 and was issued a $400 fine with a $25 processing fee for unlawfully harassing a threatened species.

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