Meet The Man Who Has Lived In A Cave For 40 Years


Pedro Luca, 79, has lived in a cave high on a mountain in northern Argentina for 40 years without running water or electricity.

 He lives in the cave with 11 cockerels and 2 goats. The animals roam the mountainside during the day and return at night.

A creek is his main source of water. He says it’s the purest and richest water there is.

He starts his day around 3 a.m with a fire after the crow of the cockerels wake him.

When he gets hungry he picks up his rifle and goes hunting or heads on a 3-hour trek down the mountain to the nearest settlement of San Pedro de Colalao.


Luca’s skin is weather-beaten and he has few teeth left, but he seems much younger than a man who is almost 80.

Luca says he always wanted to live in isolation in the wild, even as a boy. He was raised by his grandfather in San Pedro de Colalao, which he first left at age 14 to travel northern Argentina and earn a living transporting coal to Bolivia.


He returned to the area and the cave. Word of his solitary lifestyle spread and he now gets occasional visits from tourists and schoolchildren.

I never asked myself why I chose to live here,” he says. “There was another cave nearby but I liked this one better. Sometimes, I think that I would have liked to travel the world, see Europe. But there’s a lot of sea in the middle of it all and you have to have the time to cross that sea.


Luca has become a legend in San Pedro de Colalao, and town dwellers often give him food and supplies.

He buys candles, yeast and corn with a government old-age pension, worth about $100-$200, that he collects at the town’s post office.

His only technological gadget is a small, battery-powered radio, but he has a hard time tuning into stations because the signal is weak up the mountain.

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