Niger Delta Avengers Split Over Dialogue With FG

Niger Delta Avengers

On Wednesday, the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) seemed to be divided over a dialogue with the Federal Government to seek an end to the crisis in the Niger Delta region.

The Avengers have claimed responsibility for a series of bombings of oil facilities in the past three months.

According to a statement by a self-acclaimed spokesperson of the NDA, Ballantyne Agiri, the NDA was ready to enter into dialogue with the Federal Government for a possible ceasefire in the region.

However, a counter-statement by Mudoch Agbinibo, the NDA denied the claim. Agiri had in a statement said that it had created a contact and dialogue group to engage the Federal Government in dialogue in order to seek an end to the crisis.

Agiri further stated that the group was determined to come out with results that would yield a lasting peace, equity, justice and harmony among all ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.

While urging Nigerians and the international community to follow developments on the issue closely and watch out for which side would violate the terms, rules and spirit of the dialogue, Agiri said, “The body has collectively and willingly agreed to heed the clarion call of eminent Nigerians and international community to hold dialogue with the Federal Government.

The statement added, “The Federal Government should from the inception of the dialogue rule out from the agenda any monthly monetary inducement or stipend for the NDA.

“The Federal Government should be ready for structural changes that should be human and development-oriented.

“Members of the Avengers’ group (who will participate in the dialogue) have already been selected, each based on his integrity, forthrightness, honesty and life track records.

The group said that the names of members of the group for now would not be made public for personal reasons, until they begin functioning in few days ahead.

NDA spokesman, Agbinibo however dismissed the idea.

“We are not going into any peace or dialogue talk,” he stressed.

Also adding, “That report is not from us. We are not in any form of dialogue agreement with anybody. It’s like the government wants to dialogue with themselves.



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