Nigerians Disagree With President Buhari Over Twitter Message

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday went on social media to inform Nigerians that the North east is returning to normalcy. According to the president, a clear proof to this is that the outgoing Egyptian Ambassador told him(Buhari) that he travelled by road from Maiduguri to Yobe last month and nothing happened. However, this sparked various reactions among Nigerians on the platform.

In the words of Mr. president;

At first, some of them misunderstood the tweet, thinking President Buhari was talking about the admirable state of the road not knowing he meant the security of the road.

However, those who understood the context of the tweet still went ahead to question the mode by which the outgoing Egyptian Ambassador traveled the road and if ordinary Nigerians can dare such. Some others just wrote it off as government propaganda.