Staff Of Abia State Hospital Management Board Protest Over Non-Payment Of Salaries

Okezie Ikpeazu

The Abia State Hospital Management Board staff showed up at work today dressed in black to protest the non-payment of their salaries within the last six months.

The workers in the hundreds stood in front of their offices carrying placards with writings such as “Stop The Removal/Slashing Of Our Allowances”, “Our Children Are Thrown Out Of School For School Fees” “Landlords On Our Necks” etc.

In a protest in front of their office, the workers dressed in black, numbering about two-hundred, lamented over the hardship they are experiencing and appealed to the government to do the needful.

Responding to the protest, the State Commissioner of Finance, Mr Obinna Oriaku, said the protest was not necessary as the workers have been paid their salaries.

He revealed that the a lot of irregularities discovered during the recent verification exercise helped the government in bringing the wage bill down to N64m from N100 million.

He however,added that he’s completely sure the protest was politically motivated

The government would not be distracted or intimidated as it is doing everything possible to clear the arrears, the commissioner continued, as he accused the workers of not generating any revenue as a parastatal.

Meanhwile, the workers have vowed to continue exercising their rights to protest until government yield to their demands.


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