TB Joshua Helps An Indonesian Lady & Her Family After Murder Allegation

Help has come the way of an Indonesian lady and her family after suffering in the Eastern part of the country (Nigeria) for years following accusation that her husband had killed his father and niece. This had caused the family to flee for their lives… The once troubled family has been given a reason to smile again. See below;

Read the press statement released by the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan)

An Indonesian lady who came to The SCOAN with her husband and their two children shared their haunting life experiences. They had tasted the bitter reality of abject poverty after being pursued from their village in Eastern Nigeria where they had lived for 5 years by the accusation that her husband had killed his father and niece. This had caused the family to flee for their lives and the only place they knew they could run to was Prophet T.B. Joshua at The SCOAN in Lagos. The family narrated their terrible ordeal biting back tears of how they had to look for things like firewood to sell and started hustling in the streets of Lagos just to survive from day to day. Mrs Egesi made her plea to the Emmanuel TV Partners and T.B. Joshua to help her to return to Indonesia with her children as she was tired of all the suffering she passed through.

Mr John Egesi was even moved to tears as he told how life had turned upside down for the family from living comfortably in the village to suddenly being on the streets of Lagos, where they had run for their lives. Every day, he said he would walk the long road to Alaba Market where he hustled, doing whatever he could to get money to feed his family, rarely earning more than 500 naira per day. Many times, the family slept without eating and they constantly moved from place to place, unable to pay accommodation costs.

He thanked God for the day he received a phone call from The SCOAN, saying how they had seen his wife and children in the streets and were inviting him to come. Since then, Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV Partners have been taking care of the family with free accommodation, three good meals daily and an allowance. The children added their thanks to The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV Partners for taking them off the streets and from living among the dustbins.

In response, Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners worldwide gave the promise of a job to Mr Egesi as well as the cash gift of 500,000 naira. The costs of procuring new passports, all travel arrangements and flight tickets costing over $7,000 and a cash gift of $3,000 to start a new life in Indonesia as well as the promise of a scholarship for their two children back home in Indonesia were given to the family


Source: National Helm

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