That was the sound of a slap to my face while trying to get into my car last Saturday. I had just finished at the salon around 9 pm and was heading home to rest after a stressful day at a friend’s wedding.

I turned around to see who dealt me that heavy slap and found myself face to face with a masked man who said “give me your keys now.” What! He was asking for keys to the brand new Kia Sorento hubby gave me for my birthday three weeks ago. I shuddered at the thought of my beloved baby taken away from me.

With trembling hands, I searched my handbag, crying, panting and sweating all at the same time. As soon as I got out the keys, he snatched it, entered the car and sped off.

I was rooted to one spot till I remembered to call my husband in panic. On telling him, he laughed and said “Babe, relax, the Concept Nova Ti-Kon Tracker was installed in the vehicle the moment it was bought.” He was not in the country, so I had to get in touch with the company’s recovery team myself. In less than 48 hours, I got my car back. What a relief!

This tracking experience just got better! With its new Listen-In and Panic Button features, Ti-Kon 2.0 now allows you to listen-in on conversations in your vehicle and call for help with the inconspicuous panic button.

Guess what? You get all these and more for less in the Concept Nova 12 for 12 Promo.  From August 12th to 23rd 2016, customers get the all new Ti-Kon 2.0 at a whopping 12% discount.

To place your order, click Here, send a mail to info@concept-nova.com or call 08150880054.


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