Woman Cuts Off Her Limbs For Insurance Payout

According to police in Vietnam, a woman has admitted to paying for her foot and part of her arm to be cut off in order to claim an insurance payout.

In May, the 30-year-old woman, named as “Ly Thi N”, pretended she had been hit by a train, the People’s Police Newspaper of Vietnam reports.

But she has now reportedly admitted to having paid a friend $2,200 to sever her limbs.

The aim was to claim more than $150,000 from her insurance company.

A supposed bystander, “Doan Van D”, the same person who did the cutting, had called an ambulance after “finding” the injured woman on a Hanoi railroad.

Pictures published by the official police newspaper showed the woman three months later, with her wounds healed.

She is believed to run a struggling business, according to local media.

Ly Thi N, pictured writing a statement at a Vietnamese police station

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