Woman Disrupts Church Service In Kenya Because Pastor Dumped Her


Drama erupted at a church in Kariobangi South of Kenya recently when a woman stormed the service claiming that the pastor who runs the church was her husband, who had dumped her for another woman.

The jilted woman, identified as Jane Wambui, yelled and called out the man’s name as she pelted stones at believers.

God’s Greater Favour Church worshippers scampered for safety while the preacher in question took cover and hid from the woman.

Wambui claimed that they had been married for 14 years until their union hit a rocky patch earlier in year when the pastor started cheating.

She alleged that he had abdicated his duties as a father and their child had been sent away from school due to fees arrears.

“I don’t have a job since I’m a hawker and the ‘Kanjo’ took off with my stock,” Wambui lamented in a KTN report, as a large crowd of onlookers milled around the scene of drama.

It took the intervention of police to calm the woman who some members of the public had tried unsuccessfully to pacify.

The pastor surfaced from his hideout once police landed, and the two were arrested and taken to Buruburu police station for questioning.

Source: News Every Hour