3 Terror Suspects Killed During Foiled Terrorist Attack in Kenya

Police officers leave Central police station in Mombasa following an attack by suspected terrorists, September 11, 2016. /COURTESY

Three hooded female terror suspects have been reported to have been killed on Sunday by Kenyan police in the coastal city of Mombasa.

Mombasa County commander Peterson Maelo said the three women clad in hijab burst into central police station wearing what is believed to be suicide belts and bullet proof vests.

Maelo said the three suicide bomb attackers stabbed two police officers after storming the station and hauled petrol bomb in a botched attempt to release a terror suspect from custody.

This is a terrorist attack and investigations have been launched to establish the motive behind the attack at the Central Police Station in Mombasa,” Maelo told journalists.

He said the suspects posed as clients to report an incident when they started attacking the officers but they were overpowered and killed.

The security officers have sealed off the scene. The police suspect the suicide bombers were wearing bullet proof jackets.

Maelo said the injured police officers have been rushed to hospital for emergency treatment as a major security operation is underway in the coastal city.

Witnesses said the three women brandished knives after they were barred from accessing the cells with one throwing a petrol bomb in an attempt to burn down the station, prompting police to shoot.

The motive of the attackers was not immediately known. There were claims they wanted to release a suspect in custody. Maelo said the situation was under control.