3 Tragic Ways You Send Your Husband To Cheat On You


Not sure if you’ve turned off his ardor with your annoying behavior? Below are three signs that YOU are what’s wrong (and how to fix it):

1. You’re texting or call him constantly (especially at his work).

You want to know if he picked up the dry cleaning this morning. So, you call your husband. Later, you want to know when his parents are coming into town. So, you text your husband. Toss in a few more intrusions into his day. And you’re doing all of this while he’s at work? If so — stop! Men are creatures who want and need require a great deal of focus. They define their success by their results and “focus” is their special skill for achieving those results … so they compartmentalize. Which means, when your husband is at work you’re probably not on his mind. Get over it!

2. You’ve confiscated his balls.

Are you picking and organizing every activity you do together? Do you track his whereabouts? Do you even tell him what to eat or not eat?

STOP … please. Naturally, your husbands primal instinct is the role of provider.
In the caveman days, he’d go out with the boys to hunt your food and provide your shelter. Let him be the one who cherishes and adores you — the one who strives to give you everything necessary to keep you happy and safe. THIS is what he wants.

3. You’re not in love with yourself.

Your husband isn’t a mind reader, yet he can and does read the vibes you give off to him. When your morale or confidence is low, or you’re unhappy, he notices and it makes his life with you a whole lot tougher. His happiness and sense of success in the world often hinges a great deal on how you feel. The saying, “A happy wife is a happy life” is cliché — yet, it’s a reality for many men.


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