4 Reasons Zimbabweans Are Seeking Mugabe’s Removal


Thousands of Zimbabweans are calling for President Robert Mugabe to step down. He ran for a seventh term in 2013 and has now spent 36 years in office as Zimbabwe’s only President since independence.

It is not the first time there has been opposition to Mugabe’s leadership but it is the first time the opposition has remained sustained, with a campaign on social media calling on him to step down.

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There are four reasons they’re calling for Mugabe’s removal;

  • Having been in power for 36 years, opposition figures believe a change is needed
  • His brutal tactics have also come under criticism. Mugabe’s intolerance for opposition has ensured that there are no other healthy political parties in Zimbabwe
  • A downturn in Zimbabwe’s economy which has seen the standard of living hit an all time low has made Mugabe unpopular.
  • A hyperinflation in 2009 has rendered zimbabwe’s currency useless, forcing a dependence on the US dollar