4 Takeaways From The 1st 2016 US Presidential Debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump In US Presidential Debate

Democratic Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton faced off with her Republican rival, Donald Trump in the first US Presidential debate of 2016.

The debate was hosted by NBC reporter, Lester Holt and it witnessed some real moments of tension and drama. Here are four of the most important takeaways from the debate;

  • Donald Trump claimed Hillary Clinton does not have the ‘stamina’ to be President, referring to an incident when she fainted at a 9/11 memorial. The Clinton camp has since claimed she was suffering from pneumonia
  • Host, Lester Holt asked Donald Trump about his reluctance to disclose his tax returns and Trump claimed he would disclose them as soon as Hillary revealed the 33,000 emails she deleted off her private server
  • Hillary Clinton also called Trump out on some of his racist remarks during his campaigns; “He has a long record of engaging in racist behaviour”
  • She also claimed Trump is ‘unfit to be Commander-in-Chief


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