5 Items To Have In Your Bag This Rainy Season

Hello rainy season! Trust we naija ladies are prepared for you, oh no, you cant spoil our shine! INFORMATION NIGERIA hereby bring you 5 must haves during this rainy season.

1. Shower cap
This keeps your hair from getting drenched and smelling afterwards

2. Rain jacket
We trust you don’t want to get to work or school getting all soaked up and shivering like a jelly fish

3. Portable umbrella
The big one could be problematic to you once the rain stops falling, yeah, it could become some kinda luggage. But the portable ones can fit easily into your handbag

4. Small towel, handkerchief or tissue paper
To clean your feet, arms or other body parts that could have been drenched.

5. Rubber sandal/slippers

A rubber sandal or slippers can fit in your bag and saves your expensive shoes from going bad will.


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