Bama To Become Inhabitable In Two Weeks – BOSEPA

bama-townThe Borno State Environmental Protection Agency (BOSEPA) has given assurance that Bama town would be ready for habitants in the next two weeks, as a total of 1,000 staff have been deployed for the cleaning and fumigation of the town.

Bama was one of the local governments in Borno worse-hit by the Boko Haram insurgency.

At the peak of the insurgents’ reign the town was turned into a “killing field” with thousands of corpses said to have been thrown into the Yedzaram River and boreholes in Bama.

The atrocious activities of Boko Haram also left behind a mass of human and animal carcasses on the streets, requiring Bama to undergo a thorough clean up to avoid an outbreak of epidemic when the inhabitants gradually return to the town.

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Speaking after a tour of the town with newsmen yesterday, the Sole Administrator of BOSEPA, Nassir Ali Surundi, said sanitation exercise was being carried out against snakes and other deadly insects to make it safe.

“We are bringing more hands to Bama. We hope to clear 17 additional streets by tomorrow and I promise all of you that within the next two weeks, Bama will be habitable. A total of 1,000 personnel have so far been deployed to Bama.

“Without us clearing the roads, workers cannot have access to reconstruction sites and the town will continue to look like a war zone. We are committed to Governor Kashim Shettima’s mission of rebuilding Bama”, Surundi said.

Governor Kashim Shettima who has been in Bama for the past four days, ordered the clearing and fumigation exercise as part of preparations for return of displaced persons.


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