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Just like he had done for the past two weeks, Kunle had Sola, his driver take him to work and return the car to his house immediately. This is because Sola had been attending an official conference in Lekki which usually runs late into the night and since he finds it difficult to drive at night, he decided to take a cab home at the end of each day’s training.

On the last day of the training, he got a call from his wife around 1 pm asking him if they were expecting visitors she didn’t know about.  He said no and she explained that she just saw their driver at Obalende with his car filled with people. Together they came to the only logical conclusion; their driver had turned the car to a commercial cab! The next morning, Sola was sacked as soon as he reported to duty.

You are the King of Knowledge when it comes to what happens in your home, office and probably everywhere else. However, can you say the same about the person you trust to sit behind your wheels? Is your driver really who he says he is? Maybe he drives drunk in your absence, takes your car out for a spin with his girlfriend(s) and gives you an unlikely story about how your car got bashed.

Like Kunle, many have been pissed off by their drivers more times than they can count. Why don’t you share your experience to find out if your case is the worst or most hilarious so far?  Join the conversation on #MyWorstDriverStory brought to you by Nigeria’s leading Indigenous IT Solutions Company, Concept Nova.

Upload a 30-60 Seconds Video (Instagram or Facebook) describing in brief, your worst driver experience so far.

The videos in which we are tagged would be posted on our social media platforms and if your story generates enough buzz to garner the most likes, shares and views, you stand a chance to be among the four lucky winners who would go home with amazing prizes.

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