Ex-MILAD Calls For “Extreme Caution” Over Swap Deal With Boko Haram

Chibok-girls-Boko Haram-videoAs the Federal Government weighs the option of swapping some Boko Haram Terrorists currently in its custody with the abducted Chibok schoolgirls, an ex-intelligence military officer, Inuwa Bawa, has called for “extreme caution” on the part of government.

Bawa, a retired Colonel and former Military Administrator of Gombe and Ekiti states, gave the advice yesterday.

According to him, it would be wise for the President Muhammadu Buhari administration to bear at the back of its mind that a terrorist sect such as Boko Haram, could not be trusted to act honourably.

“The first question to ask is how genuine is the faction the Federal Government is thinking of negotiating with? How do you know that if you release the Boko Haram fighters, they will release the girls intact? And supposing you release the fighters, how are we sure that the insurgents will not commit a more serious abduction in the near future?” he said.

Col. Bawa (retd.) also said the Bring Back our Girls advocacy group and other individuals putting pressure on President Buhari to swap the insurgents for the girls, who were abducted over two years ago by the insurgents, lack the workings of intelligence operations.

“I am not saying we should not get the girls back. We want them back but even if the military locates where the girls are, they must take so many things into consideration and utmost is the girls’ safety because if anything bad is to happen, those who are putting pressure on the government to rescue the girls will be the same people accusing the government of rushing in without weighing all the options”, he said.


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