Gandoki Attempts To Break The World Record For Longest Stand-up Comedy Event

Seemingly tired of local conquests, the Nigerian entertainment scene is gunning for global domination. With eight Nigerian movies premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival, it looks certain that global domination is not far off.

Just a little over a month ago, a Nigerian, DJ Obi entered the Guinness Book of records for the longest ever DJ set in recorded history. No mean feat I tell you, seeing as it took a whopping ten days!

Nigerian comedian, Gandoki is now at the forefront of yet another milestone which could see his name in the prestigious Guinness Book of records.


On October 1, he will attempt to break the record for the longest stand-up comedy performance by an individual. He will need to break an existing time of 40 hours and 8 minutes, a time set by an American.

We caught up with Gandoki on Wednesday and asked him about his material for what will be his most extensive show yet. ‘I don’t have jokes’ Gandoki stated, ‘I have topics I can speak on!’.


If you’re worried he’s stealing jokes, Gandoki says he’s a natural at comedy and has been doing this for decades.

If you’re curious about how you can be a part of his stab at history, tickets won’t cost you! Instead, tickets will be given out by the organisers. Stay tuned!

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