Have We Become Bored With José Mourinho?

It is altogether tempting to conclude that Jose Mourinho is a spent force. For a manager with two Champions League Trophies and several league titles, Mourinho appears to be losing his touch.

The Mourinho everyone has known and loved to hate was always a brash figure, unafraid of being arrogant and preferring a draw against big teams to taking the chance to attack.

In an era when teams paid more attention to attack than defence, his 4-2-3-1 ensured success and his unending mouthing off guaranteed him our front pages. Five years ago, he was above reproach but today, Mourinho does not command as much respect or attention as he used to.

A shambolic 2015 season at Chelsea exposed the fact that Mourinho is a sore loser and would blame the everyone but himself for bad results. In the past, his digs at referees and managers were amusing but in a losing position, many saw his utterances as signs that he was losing control.

He has been described by some as a ‘two season coach’ who is incapable of ensuring unity in a team for more than two years in a row. He left Chelsea last year with his pride hurt but Manchester United came calling and he was back in again.

Despite three opening wins, Mourinho’s side succumbed to three straight losses on the trot. Mourinho criticised some of his players and railed about the decisions of officials.

The only problem was, it seemed like we were watching an all too familiar script play out except that this time, it wasn’t as captivating.

United ended their losing streak with a 3-1 win over third-tier side, Northhampton and at the press conference Mourinho berated ‘football Einsteins’ who have attempted to take away his years of success. It seemed an odd time to brag, having played a first team against a lowly side.

There was a time when Mourinho’s antics were regarded as mind games but those days seem to be over. Have we grown bored with Jose Mourinho?


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