ISIS Stitches 4 Iraqis’ Mouths Shut Using Metal Wire


Islamic State militants have reportedly stitched four people’s mouth shut with wire simply because they were talking about military victories against the heinous terrorist group, according to reports.

ISIS fighters used metal wire to stitch the four victims’ mouths shut on Tuesday in the group’s Iraqi stronghold of Mosul because they were all involved in a conversation discussing the successes of the Iraqi Army in its offensive against IS.

Four of our residents were discussing the success of the army in a casual conversation about politics, when another man suddenly joined in. He casually discussed with them the defeat of ISIS and offensive operations in Nineveh,” said a Mosul resident. “Later, all four people were caught. Right where they were standing, their mouths were sewn up with metal wire.

The resident said the victims were then placed in an open trunk of a car and driven around the town to intimidate other residents and keep them from speaking about government victories.

The source also explained that IS employs spies in the town who watch out for and report on residents who talk about the successes of the Armed Forces of Iraq.

The source added that anyone who is caught discussing the “enemy” is subject to public punishment.


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