Muslim Cleric Kills Client, Uses His Hand For Money Ritual

A Muslim cleric, Kabir Ibrahim aka Akewusola, has been arrested for allegedly killing a client, a 25-year-old farmer, Lukman Adeleke, who sought spiritual supports for his farming business.


The suspect who is in police detention at the Osun State Police Command allegedly butchered Adeleke, cut off the deceased’s hand and dumped his remains along the Akure-Ilesa Expressway, it was reported.

The report says late Adeleke was a cocoa farmer and had N300,000, which he approached Akewusola to pray for him over. But the cleric asked him to come and sleep in his house with the money so that he could pray over it.

Akewusola then killed his client in the middle of the night in the room he put him, dismembered the corpse and dumped the body parts packed inside a sack along the expressway.

“He told them how he killed and butchered the man. The alfa said he wanted to use the right palm of the deceased for money ritual for another client. So he and the client were arrested,” a police source told Punch.

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  • Useless news site. If a Muslim did something wrong you said a Muslim man or an Islamist terrorist but if someone from others religious do something wrong you will just called his name you will not attach his name with his religion. Is this justice?

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