Nigeria Must End Needless Imports-Emir Sanusi

The Emir of Kano, Sansui Lamido Sansui has once again called into question Nigerian obsession with imported products. He made the comments while inaugurating the new Council Secretariat of the Kaduna Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (KACCIMA).

Nigeria is full of experts in importing what we have and exporting what we do not have,” the Emir said.

“We have cotton but we import textile materials from China; we have crude oil but we import fuel refined from our own crude from Russia and other countries.

“We have gas but we let it flare away instead of utilising it to produce power, yet import generators from outside.

“We eat our hides and skin and import shoes from outside, and we eat our tomatoes and import canned tomatoes paste from China.”

“It is not possible to continue doing what you are doing when the price of oil was at $110 and now that it is selling at about $30.

“People ought to realise that the price of oil has bearing on the current hike in goods and services, and until things change, we must have to adjust our needs as a nation.”

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