Polls Suggest Hillary Clinton Won US Presidential Debate

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton was considered by many as the better candidate

The first US Presidential debate of 2016 has come and gone but it dominates the front pages around the world. Hillary Clinton faced off with her Republican rival, Donald Trump for the first of three debates in the race to the White House.

You can read all the talking points from the debate here.

A Poll by News agency, CNN shows that most viewers thought Hillary Clinton had the upper hand in the debate with 62% giving the debate to her. 27% of the viewers thought Donald Trump had done better than his democratic rival.

Hillary looked more assured during the debate and was able to keep Trump on the defensive for the better part of the evening while Trump appeared flustered at times.


A Public Policy Polling of 1,002 debate-watchers found that 51% of national voters thought Mrs. Clinton had won, with 40% choosing Mr. Trump and 9% undecided.Most major American newspapers such as the Washington Post, The New York Times also reported Hillary as the most convincing candidate of the night.


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