4 Simple Routines To Fight Baldness


Baldness…..haaa!no one wants to be a victim. But baldness exists in both male and female. Here are 4 ways to combat baldness.

1. Increased Protein Intake

While medical alternatives abound, self-help procedures also go a long way like increasing your intake of protein rich diets. Proteins are the root cause of healthy hair.

2. Vitamins

A healthy combination keeps the doctors away. Vitamins play a natural role in wear and tear of the body. They are essential in giving the proper nourishment your hair needs. Combined with other nutrients, they help in the growth of thick, black and healthy hair.  Vitamin A, B, C, and E are the four essential vitamins for healthy hair.

3. Hair Massage

Sounds ridiculous right? And you’re wondering why on earth should one do that. You’d be amazed to know that massaging your hair twice a week stimulates circulation which in turn reactivates inactive hair follicles. Applying natural oils like Olive Oil also help fight dandruff and restore hair growth.

4. Wash hair properly

Just because they cost a fortune and come with amazing fragrances doesn’t mean they stimulate hair growth. Most of them actually cause massive hair dryness ultimately leading to hair loss.

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