UK Newspaper Warns Nigerians Off MMM

Sequel to the crash of the Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox scheme in Zimbabwe popularly known as MMM, the UK Independent newspaper has warned Africans against investing their money into the Ponzi Scheme.

There are similarities about this scheme in Zimbabwe and Nigeria, as it follows the same model. Both countries are also experiencing an economic crisis and many of its citizens have turned to the MMM Global as a means of livelihood.

An excerpt from The Independent’s article stated;

“That’s despite a warning from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe that the scheme was fraudulent. RBZ warned members of the public that existing investors were “paid money not from genuine market investment of their funds, but from contributions made by new investors, until a point when the scheme can no longer attract new investors”.



  1. where is the link to the UK newspaper warning Nigerians? cheap lies to draw traffic to ur sites, cn u jst let that scheme alone for once, av nt heard of circumstances where people re being coerced to join st gun point…its all about choice fellas. kerp wondering how much ur being paid for this, it wud be a pitiablr tin if ur doing it for free.

  2. Don’t worry Ken, the dog that will lost never listen to the whistle of the hunter. This scheme is a ponzi scheme, it’s to defraud you of your hard earned money. Of course, it’s your money, but, when you’re defrauded, don’t blame the government of not protecting you against fraudulent people because you’ve been warned.

  3. @ banky, this news is baseless, the sec approved stocks we bought some years ago came down crashing and they never did any thing, many peoples money were lost seven till now under the watch of cbn and sec. Its all about risk. Takes it or leave it. No business succeed without risk.

  4. Pls leave us alone. We love to be defrauded and it is our money not yours. Rubbish post. I still Wonder what you gain posting this poppycock. You keep talking trash while we in MMM keep Makin our money. Once again, it’s our money not yours. Long live MMM

  5. @ bankky don’t deceive urself d Government r d biggest fraudsters which we all know what do we do about d biggest fraudsters r about to protect people from God sent MMM Haa. As far as it pays me no comment…government defrauding all of us n yet it doesn’t pays y MMM r defrauding us n still pay us Pls tell me who d real fraudsters r????kai no let me vex for u oO @bankky God bless MMM

  6. Everything in this world we living in is a risk, you talk sh** about MMM like it’s gonna really pay you, banks want us to continue with them so we can dwell in our poverty. How can I get only 0.33% on my saving at the end of the month and I found a 30-50% yet u keep reminding me it’s a scam, now who’s scamming who. All good keep hating while we keep eating. Talk to yahoo yahoo boiz if u want to talk about scams you fools

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  8. Ogo if u like go and pay pastors to condemd mmm even to pretend dat god tell dem to warnd that mmm is fraud we wont biliv be na we dey inside. since we start till now d no fraud us. even u we dey talk i knw u d collect frm mmm every month so leave bribe face reality mmm dey pay and it still paying. u cant do what u tink u can do

  9. 2 Tim 3:1-2 (This know also that in the last days … Lovers of money… )not minding the source and genuiness of where the money is coming from as long as we are making money they keep saying. Is not about making money only is about integrity

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  12. Every business venture is a risk. It’s even a risk to deposit monies in bank because sometimes depositors are know to have lost huge sums of monies when banks go distress. I can tell y’all on very good authority that even top bankers & government officials invest in this mmm & all other forms of risky schemes with depositors monies cos they all know that business is all about taking risks, & they have been profiting all along until now when the mmm awareness has become widespread & increasing number of people are opting out of bank loans, etc in favor of mmm that mmm has now suddenly become a ponzi scheme. My dear u guys can fool some people sometimes but u can’t fool all the people all the time ok. & so whether it’s a fraud or not I like this risk cos I understand that this mmm works very well. & millions of us hv been benefiting from it, & we shall not stop being part of it.

  13. Infact the more known fraudsters like bankers & politicians condemn mmm, the more I become convinced about the viability of mmm. These bankers feel so threatened, & politicians can’t really tax mavrodians & that’s why they are so frustrated. Hypocrites. & tell me when did the UK & other superpowers in the world suddenly start becoming interested in the financial losses the so called third world countries may suffer at the hands of fraudsters? Are they not the major fraudsters of the world? Or maybe are the indirectly crying out that mmm scheme is equally a major threat to their own investments? Wonders shall really never end in this world.

  14. Since I joined mmm my finance has improved, please all the losses have been making in business you and your government don’t care about me it’s now I’m into something rewarding that you and government sudenlly turn lover, please if you don’t see anything to write about, you can close this your blog. If you interested to join mmm you can call this number-08056026268

  15. Hmmmmm….. when did uk suddenly grew interest in my loss and gain… the last time I checked, they ar interested in what will benefit them only and care so less abt me… mmm is fraud or not, I care so less, it has not defrauded me… long live mmm… pays the bill

  16. Please oooooo
    Leave us alone… it’s a scam I made a enoughfrom it. Just tell me between MMM and Nigeria Government who’s a fraudster. .. . that collected late Gen. Abacha loot money from overs which we all didnt know wot the money is being used 4. If there’s job in Nigeria which graduates go join MMM.. so leave us… who u help Nigeria govt. Eseeeeee oooooooo

  17. I for once see a foreigner like Mavrodian with a project to benefits an ordinary people like us. He’s God sent to liberate people financially and with all our support for this project we would ever be freed from hardship whether employed or unemployed. God bless MMM!!!

  18. Life is full of risk and it is risky not to take the risk. I stated mmm with 50k. The first month I got 74k paid to my account. Today I have withdrawn my capital since and as at today I have more than 300k with mmm. if they crash. I have nothing to lose. Many ppl I refer to the scheme did not have there capital in the scheme. Just invest wisely. Mmm could be a scam but not for me.

  19. Pls let’s talk like educated men and ladies…the point is..if d economy was in the good state people won’t patronize mmm……but it’s in a state of yigi yaga……..from D site it’s bodly stated…’use ur spare money nd not all ur money ‘…….it pains me sm graduate still behave like illiterates

  20. our so call politician n leader if u ask dem since de beginning of dis year how many people hv u help they wont tel bt rather accused u of been lazy.i will curse u cos if i do,u will sleep n never wake up.if u r against de way spend my moni wht abt u who slept wit prostitute. leave mmm alone is nt de solution to nigeria prob.Nigeria vrs ALGERIA..3:1 who score? Moses Mikel Moses=MMM