10 Easy Ways To Get Rid of Face Wrinkles

While wrinkles are an unavoidable part of growing older, you can test out a few tricks to reduce the look of fine lines on your face (without relying on plastic surgery!):

Here are 10 proven ways to reduce the amount of wrinkles on your face:

1. Drink water

First and foremost, drink water. Keep your body healthy and your skin glowing by drinking around 64 ounces of water each day, more if you are exercising.

2. Use oil

Oils rich in antioxidants like coconut oil or olive oil can heavily reduce the appearance of fine lines on your face. Coconut is a natural moisturizer that works to soften your skin. Try massaging the sweet-smelling oil into your problem areas each night before you go to bed. While your skin works to repair itself over night, it will be enriched by the nutrients in the coconut oil.

3. Retinol

Retinol is a substance found in numerous anti-aging creams and serums that lift and firm up your skin to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It can be acquired through a prescription from your dermatologist or in over-the-counter moisturizers to instantly plump your skin and fill in those deep creases on your face.

4. Fruits and vegetables

Your skin needs protein and fats to keep its supple look. Indulging in foods such as blueberries (which have antioxidants), almonds (which contain healthy fats) and fruits that contain high amounts of vitamin C can do wonders for your skin.

5. Face masks

For a quick fix, try mixing fresh lemon juice with a spoonful of honey and applying it to your face. Doing so will tighten your pores and help your skin tighten to reduce wrinkles.

6. Bananas

The yellow fruit can treat wrinkles in a simple and natural way, especially when you use the following facemask twice a week: Mash two bananas and apply the mixture to the problem areas on your face. Keep the paste on for at least a half an hour, then rinse and moisturize. The antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in bananas are great at revitalizing your skin.

7. Vitamin C

The older your skin is, the less vitamin C it contains. This crucial vitamin not only aids in immune system health, but also helps your skin remain intact and healthy. Increase your levels of Vitamin C by taking a supplement each day or using a facial primer that contains the vitamin.

8. Eat fish

Your skin needs healthy fats to maintain its hearty and supple appearance. Fish, especially salmon, contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which reduces your risk for new wrinkles (and hides the ones you already have).

9. Minerals

Copper and zinc are essential for your body’s ability to function. Copper helps develop elastin, which supports skin structure. This mineral also improves elasticity and thickness in your skin as well. Zinc can be a helpful way to treat acne scars or dark spots.

10. Silk

If sleep on your side at night, I have some bad news: when your face is in constant contact with your cotton pillowcase, it causes friction and leads to premature wrinkles. To reduce this risk, try a silk pillowcase. Silk’s smooth texture will not tug at your complexion.