125 Students Expelled From Unilag For ‘Misconduct’

125 students have been expelled by the University of Lagos (Unilag) over acts related to academic misconduct and forgery of results.


The university published the names of the affected students on its website. 73 were also suspended for the same related offences.

Those suspended had penalties ranging from two to four semesters.

The institution’s management has been in conflict with some of its union leaders who were earlier rusticated.

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In April 2016, the school was shut down by students protesting the poor living conditions they were experiencing on campus.

The union leaders were suspended over their role in the protest.

The suspended union leaders include president, Muhammed Olaniyan; Speaker, Adeyanju Adeonipkun; General Secretary, Emmanuel Afolabi; Public Relations Officer, Jumai Fagbui; Chief Whip, Akinnubi Pedro; Sport Secretary, Anita Kaizer, and Financial Secretary, Oluwatobi Ojo.

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