4 Passengers Injured During Stampede On Lagos-Bound EgyptAir Flight

Online ticket purchases for airlines in Egypt amounts to $1.9bn, out of $11bn in the Arab region. (AFP Photo)

Four passengers on an EgyptAir plane heading from Egypt to  Lagos, Nigeria were reportedly injured during a stampede.

The stampede was caused by a false fire alarm on the plane, which resulted in the injury of the four passengers, an EgyptAir official said on Sunday.

It was reported that when the precautionary sanitation measures were being undertaken before the plane’s take-off, a false fire alarm in the storage area of the plane went off.

Citing officials in the Civil Aviation Ministry, the Associated Press reported on Monday that Egypt will soon announce a new security system in its airports, involving retinal scanners. This measure will be undertaken as part of intensive airport security measures Egypt is implementing in order to meet Russia’s demands, after it had suspended direct flight to Egypt in November.

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