7 Statements That Could Potentially Ruin Your First Date


Have you ever wondered why some relationships never go beyond the first date? Was it the way you dressed, or you probably had bad breath.

A million and one things could have gone wrong, but most importantly what you say also counts.

Here’s a list we’ve culled out of ‘what not to say’ to help you get through your first date successfully:

1. I used to come here with my ex

That’s a total no-no! We thought you had moved on hence dating again. Whatever happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

2. You’ve been alone for a while I guess

Now’s that’s pretty awkward!

3. Erm, what’s your name again?

Haba now! Who does that? Certainly, this would be last time you’d see me if you said that.

4. I want to get married as soon as possible

Come on, you just met the person. If you want your date gone within seconds, say that.

5. I may have forgotten my wallet. Please, can you pay for dinner?

What planet did you drop from dude? Certainly not earth and definitely not Naija.

6. When can I meet your parents?

Seriously? I don’t even know your surname! Talk more of wanting to adopt it.

7. Can we meet at your house? It would save cost

Now that’s about the most irritating line I’ve heard. There are a thousand and one places we could meet up at.

Source: omgvoice


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